HR Management & Engagement Services

In our growing global economy, human resources functions are becoming increasingly complex and resource-intensive. For an outsourcing solution to help a company cut costs and manage human resources, a partner is required who understands how to add value to the company. As a response to this need, we provides HR consulting solutions mainly focusing on SME companies which have a need for such services.

We assures its clients to rely on its HR Services ranging from Selection to Separation, to include Induction procedures, Performance Appraisal, Payroll administration, Grievance handling, Policy making, Surveys, Brand-building, Administration & Documentation activities, Exit Interviews etc., We assists any or all stages of such process out-sourcing and hiring process in a way that is efficient, effective, aligned with business goals and legally defensible to deliver a competitive edge.

We have specialists in the core consultancy team, who have an excellent experience of the various industries. The following are the HR Management services end to end :

Organization Design and Manpower planning and Budget
Organization Restructuring & Rightsizing
HR policy, designing and implementing salary structure
Appraisal management /J.D /KRA / Performance Management
Preparing HR Policy Manual
Design & Develop Compensation & Benefits Structure
Management Appraisals
Employee satisfaction survey
HR Auditing
Development of Competency Matrix
Employee Communication
Process Consulting
HR Outsourcing
Mergers & Acquisitions

1.Employee Handbooks/Policies

An update-to-date, legal handbook is essential for all businesses – large or small. An employee handbook communicates policies, benefits and work standards to all employees in a single document.
It provides an appropriate means through which the employer can disseminate legally required policies, such as anti-harassment, family and medical leave . It also provides valuable guidance for supervisors regarding the implementation and enforcement of company policies. This promotes uniform and consistent treatment of employees, thus reducing the risk of discriminatory treatment.
Internal policies and procedures can mean the difference between effective and ineffective management.

Communication to Employees
Policies from Vision , Mission to Exit Policies ( 32 policies )
Audit Existing Employee Handbooks

2. HR Department Set-Up

Whether you are looking to establish a new HR Department or simply wanting to expand and improve upon an existing department, we are ready to assist your company..
Employment law issues occupy a significant amount of management time. With the changes in the law and court interpretations of the law, reviews, updates and changes to human resources forms, policies and procedures are critical to ensure compliance with the law.

Policy and Procedures Manual
Personnel Files
Performance Management
Recruiting and Hiring
Compensation and Benefits
Employment Relationship

3. Job Analysis/Job Descriptions

The job description is one of the primary tools for coordinating the employer’s human resource program and communicating job requirements to employees.
We prepare job descriptions that facilitate accurate comparisons of job duties and wage rates, while complying with applicable legislation.
Whether you need to start from scratch or update existing descriptions we can help.

Conduct Job Analysis
Identifying Essential Functions
Job Requirements
Performance Expectations

4. Performance Management System

Performance appraisals can be a chore, both for the manager doing the evaluation and the HR representative coordinating the effort and ensuring timeliness in the process.
We help you design an easy but comprehensive evaluation process and train your team.
Our systems give employees the information they need to improve performance, set goals and achieve them.

Development of Evaluation/Appraisal Program (process and tools)
Basing systems on Job Descriptions
Defining Expectations and Ratings

5. Compensation Strategy

Compensation studies are a service in which we assist organizations in applying fundamental consulting disciplines to the identification and evaluation of appropriate market pay data, internal worth of jobs/positions, organizational considerations, and current fiscal resources to determine recommended job/position classifications and a structured plan of pay level ranges.

Evaluating the company/organization’s situation and need
Conducting interviews
Reviewing/writing job/position descriptions
Conducting internal evaluations
Ranking the jobs/positions
Obtaining and analyzing competitive data
Revising/recommending a base compensation plan
Quantifying the impact of recommended pay adjustments
Recommending pay administration guidelines
Documenting findings and recommendations in a report

6. Employee Orientation & On-Boarding Programs

We can help you integrate new employees or newly-promoted leaders into your organization or a particular role to enhance employee engagement, retention, motivation and job satisfaction.
A successful orientation program is critical factors in helping new employees develop a productive, lasting relationship with your organization.

Design, Development and Implementation Orientation Manual
Buddy system creation & Implementation

7. Exit Interview Programs

Ever wonder if you’re getting honest feedback when you conduct an exit interview? Employees may be more willing to communicate to someone outside of your organization.
We have trained interviewers conduct objective, independent exit interviews on your behalf and provide you with the individual and summary results of the interviews to identify areas for improvement as well as areas of strength.

Program Development
Conducting Exit Interviews
Creating Retention Plans
Tracking and Analysis

8. Safety Programs and Safety Consulting

Whether you have a “problem” claim or need to design an injury reporting system from the beginning, we have a solutions to fit your needs.
We can assist in the design and implementation of safety training and incentive programs.
We have a number of safety experts and a Certified Health and Safety Official on-staff who can help you comply with state and federal safety regulations.

Developing Safety Programs
Quarterly Safety Inspections
Developing Safety Incentives

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