Labour & Industrial Law Services

1. Labour & Industrial Registration & Licenses :

We cater our clients with services for obtaining the following Registration & Licenses under following acts :-

Principal Employer Registration & License under The Factories Act.
Principal Employer Registration under BOCW Act.
Principal Employer Registration under Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act.
Labour License for Contractors & Sub-contractors.
Principal Employer Registration under Employee’s Provident Fund & obtaining EPF Code No.
Principal Employer Registration under Employee’s State Insurance & obtaining ESI Code/Sub-code No.
Principal Employer Registration under Labour Welfare Fund.
Principal Employer Registration under Shops & Establishments Act and Professional Tax.

2. Labour Laws Statutory Compliance :

We conduct audits of of employers and its vendors for following Acts & rules made there under. After conducting the audit we submit ‘Compliance Report’ on all aspects applicable suggesting ways to bridge gaps noticed during the said audit :-

The Bombay Shops & Establishments Act, 1948.
The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act 1970.
The Factories Act 1948
The Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous provisions Act, 1952.
The Contract Labour (R&A) Act, 1970
The Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948.
The Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act, 1952
The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
The Minimum Wages Act, 1948.
The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965.
The Payment of Wages Act, 1936.
The Labour Welfare Fund Act. 1953.
The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
The Building & Other Construction Workers (R of E and C of S) Act, 1996
The Maharashtra Private Security Guards Act, 1981.

We are committed to provide satisfactory services to the customers by delivering prompt & quality output at value prices. Our end-to-end service includes:-

Licensing and Registration under various labour laws
Calculation of periodical liability & preparation of Payment Challans and filing the same to the authorities.
Documentations, Maintenance of Records & Statutory Registers
Preparation and Submission of Periodical Statutory Reports/returns
Correspondence & Compliance with officials whenever required
Attend periodical Statutory Inspections held by the Officials

3. HR Audit & Due Diligence :

HR Audit identifies the state of your organization’s compliance programs while clearly identifying areas of opportunity that will make the greatest impact to the success of your organization. Business leaders will gain a clear picture of :

Gaps in regulatory compliance
Areas where risk can be further mitigated
Opportunities for improving employee retention and productivity
Ideas to better position your organization as an “employer of choice”

Our HR Audits are comprehensive; we prioritize minimizing the impact to your daily routine. We start by reviewing (off-site) employment-related documents that are easily provided electronically, then we come to your location for the on-site portion of the HR Audit, which typically takes 1.5 – 2 days. Following our data gathering activities, We completes and presents to your team a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations.

(A) Pre-Audit Preparation

Prior to an on-site visit, initial company information will be gathered for review ahead of the on-site review or for access during the on-site audit process. The information needed is outlined in a list and includes items such as HR manuals, employee handbooks, benefits descriptions, copies of policies, and other key information

(B) On-Site HR Review

The audit process includes a review of employment documents and completion of a comprehensive checklist addressing areas of HR compliance and best practice activities. We are committed not only to making this an efficient process, but to gathering the right information and doing so in a confidential and professional partnership with your team. Key areas include topics of:

Manpower Budget & Placement
On boarding & Buddy Program
Wages & Compensation
Employee Performance Management
Employee Engagement Program
Health & Hygiene Policies
Talent Management
Employee Separation
Health & Leave Benefits
Regulatory Compliance
Wage & Hour Policies
Workplace Safety
Discrimination & Harassment
HR Metrics
Strategic Alignment
Leadership Development
HR Software & Process Systems

(C) Leader Interviews

To gain further insight into your organization’s processes, people practices, and priorities, we take time to have a brief, yet effective conversation with your leaders—especially those who are responsible for managing employees or are influencing the performance and direction of the organization. We find this step provides invaluable context to uncovering organizational risks and opportunities.

(D) HR Audit Findings & Recommendations Report

Following audit activities, we compiles and presents the Findings & Recommendations report. This report clearly identifies the state of compliance and best practices in the 18 categories of the HR Audit. Findings and recommendations are provided in a manner that is clearly understood and actionable. Priorities are suggested based on each category’s ability to contribute to increased value and/or risk mitigation at your organization.

4. Industrial Disputes/ Collective Bargaining :

Collective Bargaining is the process of negotiating between the representatives of the organized workers / employees and representatives of their employer usually for the purposes of determining wages, working hours and working Conditions conditions.

Our Process
Maintaining professionalism with relationships, we have expertise in Resolution of Industrial Disputes / Labour Crisis. We conjure our services during the process of Collective Bargaining to have fruitful negotiation. we offer the following services under this head:

Representing Management in the process of Collective Bargaining with Trade Union
Preparing Proposal on behalf of the Authorities to set up negotiations
Negotiating on behalf of the Management against the claims of the Trade Unions
Assisting in the process of Collective Bargaining upon invitation to act as independent 3rd Party in the event of requirement of professional reference
Drafting of Collective Agreements
Manifesting goodwill and cooperation between the Management and the Workmen in the event of Labour Crisis / Industrial Disputes

5. Industrial Relations Matter :

Managing IR is one of the prime functions where we offer our expert services in dealing with the following.
Union issues
Disciplinary proceedings
Domestic enquires
Wage settlement agreements
Drafting standing orders and certification
Issues pertaining to retrenchment / terminations
Issues pertaining to closers & layoffs
Other issues, relating to industrial disputes act, 1947 & other labour laws
Matters relating to contract labour (regulation & abolition) act, 1972
Handling industrial relations & settlements

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