Employee Skill Development

( A ) Professional Development Consulting

Professional development refers to the skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement; we have found that focusing on the people within the organization and providing them with opportunities for advancement has significantly improved the overall productivity of the organization. We have collaborates with our clients to develop the most efficient and valuable professional development tracks for their employees.


Leadership can take on many meanings depending on your organization’s definition of executive, supervisory, and management roles. Regardless of the definition, organizations who are developing the best leaders share a core set of values and behaviors, applied across the enterprise. We can help identify these best practices and then establish them as norms within your company via a measurable and developmental strategy that can be embraced across the enterprise.

Executive Coaching
Emotional Intelligence
Situational Leadership
Global Leadership Attribute Index
Creating Presence


Productivity is often confused with performance. In progressive thinking companies, they are very different and are known to work best together. Productivity is the way we measure our effectiveness and balance the ROI within people, process, and technology. We can help define the productivity ratios best suited for your ROI goals and then help establish best practices to not only meet, but exceed those goals.

Time Management
Remote Worker/Team Management
Motivating Teams and Employees
Defining and Measuring Performance Attributes

Business Communications

The string between hearing it, and doing it, is thin. The string is known as communication. Without established channels and best practices around the way we communicate in organizations, both productivity and performance will be lost, ultimately impacting our competitive advantage. We can help refine the way your employees interact through cultural and business lenses and work to establish a better control over how communications manifest themselves at the point of delivery.

Communication Protocols
Business Case Development
Conflict Interventions
Public Relations

Diversity and Teams

Communication, productivity and performance, all familiar terms; add the cultural element and they all bring on another dimension. We can help identify the critical impact points created by diverse work situations. Regardless if it is based on a team crossing borders, or individuals from different backgrounds, we have the best practices to create an efficient interface.

Team Development
Mentoring and Coaching
Leadership Inclusion
Leveraging Diversity for Innovation
Global Team Integration
Global Talent Planning Strategy

( B ) Professional Development Skills Training

The Professional Development training programs represent a holistic approach to competency development. Our clients benefit from fully integrated and customizable programs which are highly interactive and contain real-world examples presented by our senior level Subject Matter Expert’s.

Critical Thinking Training Program

Creative Problem Solving
Complex Problem Solving
Critical Decision Making
Dynamic Problem Solving

Self-Direction Training Program

Performance Management
Leading without Authority
Entrepreneurship: A Leader’s Guide to Personal Excellence and Continuous Professional Improvement
Maximizing Time and Energy

Culture Training Program

Managing Multigenerational Diversity
Building Global Leadership Skills

Strategy Training Program

Applied Strategic Thinking
Effective Meetings
Effective Negotiation Skills
Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Professionalism and Executive Presence Training Program

Crucial Conversations
Enhancing Executive Leadership Skills
Excellence in Virtual Communications
Delivering Outstanding Presentations
Emotional Intelligence
Communication and Listening Skills
Advanced Business Writing
Managing Virtual Teams
Sustaining Exceptional Performance: Attention to Detail
Setting the Standard in Professional Behavior

How does this progress:

We provide a learning & development framework that aligns your organization skill competency to your business strategy/direction.

Business requirement analysis:

Analyzing the organizational human resource needs and identify the competency/certification relevant for each job role

Pre development analysis:

We provide customized skills assessment for specific key functions/technologies. Developing a training roadmap that reflect the skill gap and align to organization goal.

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